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Default Re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it???

"Draw a line in the sand"????

How about pulling your head out of the sand?

What I am talking about is "raising the bar"! Motorised bikes are a VERY cool mode of transportation that is in a PERFECT place to substantially grow for those business-wise forward looking enterprising individuals and as a cultural trend...If the general mindset can be shifted from the mega-cheap and DUI set...To a more mainstream culture! But It will take a mutual group effort...and I BELIEVE IT IS WORTH IT!

When was the last time you went it to a up-scale bike shop and asked about motorized bikes? I did just last week and the owner spit on the floor. Honestly, given the state of the market (except for the REAL BUILDERS)...I can't say I blame the guy!

Since some of the posters have felt it important to show off their "fine" product...Here is one of the last bikes I built (sorry no motor).

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