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Default Re: How's your weather in 2011?

Originally Posted by Dave31 View Post
I showed the mods how hot it gets in my shed where I work on my bikes, I think a few thought I doctored it up lol.

I love the heat! Bring it on! I rode all day yesterday I think it was like 111* or something.
Me too, but I have my limits.

It was a little after 6PM when I went out back in the direct sun to see if I could salvage a clutch lever from one of the burnt up bikes and I only lasted about 10 minutes before coming coming back in and getting this screen shot of the current weather.

Ya, it's a little warm out back on the dirt lot surrounded by a 7' block wall with no shade.

I always have to smile with weather reports of the Heat Index.

Sure, in the Southern US humidity makes things feel hotter because your sweet doesn't cool you, kind of like the wind chill factor in the North, but for my heat index to say it 'feels' like it is only 102F (38.9C) in my backyard right now because it is only 5% humidity is about as lame as it gets.

I have lived here in the desert for ~45 years because I hate the cold and I know 'how it feels' outside. 30 frigg'n inches of barometric preasure in direct sunlight felt like 120F to me, and I know what that feels like, I was here and outside when we hit 122F several years back.

That's OK, it can wait until 5 in the morning when it dips down to a chilly 87 and no sun. The house is at comfortable 73 inside and I have plenty of cold beverages ;-}
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