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Default Re: Parts that should be replaced before installing the kit

i had 2 break. 2 out of 2.
i can see where the problem could have been now. my seat stay is larger than most. it tapers only @ the top. the stock mounts don't come anywhere close to the the other side of the mount clamp.
either way a replacement fixed the issue. i just wanted to share that.
i'm still not sure why telling what happened to me & how i fixed it means i have an attitude or that i am upset.
i am doing neither.
in reference to reading carefully it was toward the person i quoted.
he said that i was asking questions & have given attitude to the answers.
which neither was done.
if somebody can quote me for doing either i will be more than glad to apologise for it.
in the meanwhile i apologise for even being a reason to side jack this thread.
so please carry on with the topic @ hand.
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