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Default Re: Parts that should be replaced before installing the kit

Originally Posted by John the Chimp View Post
It sounds to me like you're the only one arguing Decoherence. If you broke motor mounts they weren't installed correctly. If you don't like the repose. Don't ask questions. There was nothing argumentative said. Its how you took it. There are some of us that think people should leave the high school attitude off of here. It just makes the threads uninteresting. But that's my opinion.
i didn't ask any questions.
the thread was about parts to be replaced.
i only stated that was one of the pieces that should be replaced.
the only differing opinion i am giving from any one was that my cast aluminium mount broke because it is one of the parts that should be replaced.
if it wasn't to be replaced, why are pictures being posted of mounts that are not stock?

also please quote where i have given any attitude.
i have already seen how people here take things like it is the final word like " 100:1 or not" or "idler wheel or none" or even the "idler vs tensioner".

i too hate when people ask questions then not like the opinions they asked for. being i didn't ask any opinion & the thread was asking for opinions, i gave mine.
in fact i even blamed myself for possibly not being clear.
i don't even feel like the guy that responded to me has an attitude.

next time please read carefully before typing with your emotions about what you think you read.
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