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Default Re: Parts that should be replaced before installing the kit

Part 1 of 2

Originally Posted by decoherence View Post
those pics you posted are not from stock motor mounts. @ least none i got. i didn't get one single u-bolt.
the stock little cast aluminium pieces broke. 2 of them. i don't see one pic in your photos that show the mounts i was sent.

in fact i bought a whole bike & engine together as a kit from spooky tooth. the only way i would have been able to mount my front oversized tube is by drilling the frame.
i didn't drill.
those pics you posted are not from stock motor mounts. All my rear mounts are totally stock, the front mount on some of my builds are NOT stock...WHY..stock mounts wouldn't align with the bike tube, so I had to frabricate the front for a perfect fit.

Are these the type of mounts you were supplied?

...............Rear mount ...........Incorrect alignment .............Correct alignment

This is my fabricated front mount...
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