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Default Re: New Cranny build underway!

Originally Posted by Frankenstien Bikes View Post
Are you running a bigger filter on the cns? Also remove the black house from the back of the airfilter, put still attached to the brass nipple on the carb. Will help out.
yeah, i've got the SBP low profile air filter, and already pulled out that air breather tube (wouldn't start until i did). i didn't notice the clip was on the 2nd from the top on the pin, so moving it to the middle i got a little better performance, and one lower even better (but the lowest was the worst). it bogs a bit when first accelerating, but settles a bit with half throttle. when trying to really GO i've still only got about 50% power/speed compared to the stock carb with lots of shakes and bogging down.

i've read the post about tuning the CNS and aside from adjusting the float (i don't even get what the benefit of that would be?) i'm not really ready to start drilling the jet...

anyways, sorry Flatblack... how's your RT carb working? did you have to buy a new throttle cable for it? i noticed on the daxx site it says a 10.5mm draw cable is required, and i don't know what the stock cable's draw is...

also i went and bought some 1/2" iron pipe and copied your set back seat post approach. i used some vinyl tubing along with the pipe to give it a tighter fit in the post. not perfect, but it's working for now.
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