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Default Re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it???

I'm curious as to who you feel are 'real builders' & who are 'poseurs'?
Listen, I understand we all have to start somewhere!

But, what irks me is when people try to take credit where credit is not due. If anybody, people like yourself, Sportsman, Design Logic, and I'm sure many others that I am not aware of...should feel that this thread of mine is about getting people to giving you guys your due credit...

And voicing my opinion that when people take other manufactures products, repaint them, assemble them, and claim them as their own...


When someone goes out and designs their own components or frames then either makes or has them made to their specification.... Then they are the real deal!

And deserves the honor of be called a motorbike company!

You have paid your dues...Don't you get sick and tired of all the hacks and awan-bees looking at your stuff and saying...I can do that too???

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