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Default Re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it???

I'm "bumping" this reply from "overthere". Hopefully this won't ruffle your feathers Mr. Valley. I believe that it is VERY revelent to what i'm trying to convey...

Heh, where to begin?

Let's face it, there are many assemblers and very few builders. The nature of the game so far has been backyard mechanics thinking or being asked "where can I get one?" Then, mission creep sets in, lol.

If you were manufacturing chopper motorcycles say, building frames etc, to become legal with the authority to issue 17 digit VINs or MCOs (manufacturers certificates of origin) for titling purposes, you would need to apply for and obtain a USDOT Manufacturers License certificate and adhere to the safety regs and record keeping requirements.

So far for MBs, liability, legal or even credibility issues haven't been of much concern because it's mostly small potatoes to this point and heavily weighted toward the do-it-yourselfer. This might have to change but I think it's very likely a slippery slope to navigate.

If/should motorized bicycles become numerous enough on the highways AND the number of "builders" escalate to the point where .gov takes notice and steps in, then expect the same safety requirements in effect for motorcycles with frames, wheels, brakes, lights and speed rated tires to take hold. And pretty much kiss the DIY, backyard built motorized bicycle goodbye.

Those of us around during the '70s oil price shocks saw a similar (not exactly the same I realize) thing happen with Mopeds. They went from an essentially unregulated, cheap mode of transportation to a whole legal, regulated class of motor vehicle.
and my reply...

Superb reply Happy,

Or should I call you Mr. Valley...

I guess that I'm suffering from a severe case of wishful thinking because i am trying to get people on the motor bicycle forums to sift the proverbial "wheat from the shaft". If a person were to try to claim that they were a bicycle manufacture on a bicycle enthusiast forum, when it was obvious that they were really just "collecting" other manufactures parts... It would get them laughed off the site. Not so with the moto-bike set!

So, rather than looking to DOT, NHSA, to give the motorised bicycle clan any legitimacy...I'm just saying we should define from within (not regulate...OOH, bad word!!!). If you are putting together other peoples stuff in your own unique way...then you are an assembler ( AND THAT IS STILL A REALLY COOL THING)!

If you are designing and building your own frames, clutches, transmissions, etc....Then you are a manufacturer! And deserve the right call to yourself a motor-bicycle company.

Just my own $.02...Not that it means squat to anyone else.

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Who really cares ? .
people who build quality bikes care.
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