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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Originally Posted by ferball View Post
Most of my bikes I get for free from craigslist and freecycle, 90% of them are trashed Walmart Bikes.<snip>. So my conclusion is that the compenants and frame of a walmart bike work just fine for our hobby, but the wheels are less than inspiring.

The thing that helped my Cranbrook is I had them ship it to me (free) I made sure i assembled the bike correctly. The bike and motor has served me well for a year and I have two other bikes in the works.

But nothing excerpt the HUFFY rear wheel has been replaced with one of sounder manufacture and with a better coaster brake.

More has failed me in connection with the motor - kit than has with the Cranbroook.

Though I will comment, my riding is hard on rear tires and I have had a flat every several weeks or so, so I have got a teflon lined rear tire.

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