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Originally Posted by brother john View Post
Dang Mike B thats the kind o kit I'm worried about getting...I wonder if the Chinese even realize their reputation for junk? I lost my house and garage or I would probably build one out of an older Honda or something...I'll cross my fingers as I hit the order button

Thanks 2 me these kit ones just look like a good wind would blow it off...
I was working in china, four ty-raps in a row broke on me. The chinese guy next to me looked over and said "they must be made in china" So I guess they know. However that is EXACTLY what people thought and spoke of Japan in the fifties!
Japan also started thier mfg revolution by reverse engineering just as the chinese are doing now. Only americans seem to mis-belileve that crime doesn't pay.

Building a 1 of a kind tank from scratch is only a no brainer to those that have not done it!

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