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Default Got to Love Sheer Dumb Luck!

well, if you've been here for very long, you must know of all my woes...for some time I have been limited to 20mph (not any more) and have picked the brains of our best here at

Today, I ripped apart the motor, cleaned it all, put it back together. I put new gaskets on the joints, pulled the tickler from the carb and sealed the hole with JBWeld. I upgraded my spark plug, wire and cap, adjusted the float bracket and put an O-ring on the intake. I remixed my gas/oil many times. I almost re-jetted my jet...but on my test run right before I rejetted, I had some sheer dumb luck...

I always thought that my troubles were caused by the warm up of the engine. i thought I had another problem with fuel comin out of my tickler b/c of a poor fitting.

So here I go down the road, chuggin at 20mph like I'm use to, not able to go faster, then all the sudden the bike takes off speedin down the road for about 100yards. then the engine dies....I thought, WTF, its finally dead!

But oh, no! I had forgot to open the fuel valve this time. seems that all my woes are due to extreme flooding of the carb. so i opened the valve and took off again, and it ran fine for a while, then started to bog down to 20...i made it back to the house and shut the engine off...then i noticed gas pouring out my air filter...i hadn't shut off the fuel valve...ah ha!

so I ride with the valve 1/2 open, i ran at 28mph...

i went back to the garage, and moved the E-clip from the top position to the bottom and tried it again, fuel valve 1/2 open...this time i got up to 33mph..woohoo!!! SHEER DUMB LUCK!

so i guess i'll just ride with 1/2 open and then when the wife gives me more $$$ I'll buy some upgrades...

thanks to all who helped with this problem

i ended the celebration with a 6 mile ride around town, doing 33 most the way...ah the joy!
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