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Default Re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it???

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
It's so not about the bike, it's about the build & if you don't build it yourself you are getting ripped off plain and simple - if not the money, the experience... most likely both.

We've some fabricators building unique works of art that I would recommend to those that haven't the resources to do it themselves, sure they cost the same or more than a moped, they're also not stock HT kits on a wallyworld bike. Sure, there might be a couple of builders out there offering good builds for about that price, for the love of building or just trying to support their own habit - but I'd not bet on finding one.

If truly all that's wanted is inexpensive, basic transportation - get a moped, there isn't a motorized bicycle out there worth the money if that's all that's desired.
I admit, when I saw the length of your missive I yawned a bit but stayed with it and glad I did. Not quoting the whole thing to save bw but the end was a nice capper!

For some reason I'm reminded of an email conversation I had awhile ago with someone about MBs, here it is:

What's nice about the limited powered bikes is that you can actually ride them near their limit and not unquestionably die from it because the speeds are low enough. You have to love the limited power bikes to be here.
If you are addicted to power and always need more, people ought to just go up to the motorcycle class and stop bending the rules in this class. Give the class of limited powered bikes respect.
Be proud of our limits, not ashamed or embarrassed...
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