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Originally Posted by jburr36 View Post
If I recall the bushing should be made out of something a tad less hard than the shaft that fits into it. Theory is that you'll want the bearing to wear and not the shaft that goes into it. If a shaft is made out of hardened carbon steel than regular soft steel should be fine.

soft steel shafts or shafts plated with nickel usually have brass bearings. Most household ac motors have brass bearings.
Yeah, machining a small chunk of brass should be no problem for this thing. It also sounds easier than the idea I had: if you really want to do some metal casting, you could melt down some bronze welding rods in a small crucible. You could cast it in a small mold made of clay, plaster, casting sand may be best. Cuttle bone might not be deep enough. You could make the mold relief a little on the heavy side so that you could machine to tolerances.

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