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Default Re: New motor from Dax ..........

That might be just what I've been looking for. Being in New York State, a place very unfriendly to MB's I am looking at stealth being a very high priority in whatever build configuration I finally settle on. If you read up on the N.Y. traffic laws you will find that MB's are to be shot on sight so discretion is advised.

The broadside silhouette of the typical bicycle is rather sparse and very wide open. No place to hide anything. Once the frame is cradling an engine in the usual manner it sticks out like a sore thumb, easily spotted from a mile away.

I think this DAX, the way it is rear mounted may be just the ticket. Being a friction drive it also lacks all the other extra stuff associated with a frame mounted engine. No extra sprockets & chains, etc. Dummy saddle bags would serve well to cloak a rear mounted friction drive methinks. With the proper rack, a little ingenuity and my wife's sewing machine skills I think I could produce a pretty regal set of "saddle bag" shrouds to cloak the truth.

That leaves the noise to be dealt with. Obviously the lowest possible exhaust note attainable is what I'm shooting for. That means a muffler on steroids and can certainly be done, some trial and error for sure but we're not talking about quieting a 500 hp V8. I think I can get one of these bike engines to be amazingly quiet with some experimentation.

The only thing left that I can think of is the smoke. Let's face it, these two strokes can smoke like a hippie at a Greatful Dead show and that's a dead giveaway. Four stroke rear mounted friction drive may be where I'm headed.

I was impressed with this YouTube video, this little DAX GT50r has got some real snort!~

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