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Default Re: 2-stroke electric starter??

Unless I'm missing something, this kit is $500.00 and we don't even know for sure that it would work on a little happy time motor. I've had a couple of the pull starts which held up fine. Even if they did break eventually, I can buy a whole bunch of pull starts for $500.00. If I have to make a part for the pull start so that it is more reliable, it is still probably less hassle than trying to adapt this motorcycle starter to a HT. I hear all the time about how engine mounts break and how this is wrong and that is wrong... all on a budget motor. I haven't had all this constant breakage. I bet Venice hasn't either or he wouldn't keep using them. I think sometimes newbies assemble kits poorly in haste, have problems and then blame it on the cheap kits they bought because they were cheap. Go easy with the pull start. How many forgot to pull in the clutch before they pulled the starter and broke the mechanism? It is easier to blame the part than admitting to being at fault. Just saying... it gets old hearing complaints about something being cheap when we bought it because it was affordable. Is it a Morini? Or does it have fine German engineering? Of course not. So, upgrade some bolts, don't reef down and recognize these engines for what they are... a great bargain in cheap transportation. My rant... not against you or anyone in particular... just this whole business of bashing the little HT motor. If we want better quality then we have to pay up.
It would be great if someone developed an affordable electric starter for the Chinese kit motor, and in a price in keeping with what it is starting.
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