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Is really funny how this information makes me wee lil brain reel. Slowly, this is becoming less daunting and frankly, less scary. (rational folks don't buy $800 tools with out knowing how to use em)

Just to double check, retried looking at parts that could do this bushing and although it might work, (might) would never be happy or feel like it was not gonna fail. So again, I am good and thrilled with this monster.

A while back, bought a mig and the folks here walked me threw learning to work with it. I am no welder but man, that too opened new worlds and this has way more potential. Well, apples and oranges I guess.

LOL, rambled there and really just wanted to ask, any thoughts on material for the bushing? Most mass produced ones seem to be steel? Also, will be mighty thin. Am a bit worried about that but it will have no wiggle room.
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