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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
KC, am so glad to read every one is OK and the fire was just stuff. Not that that isn't a big 'ol bummer in it self, but every one is OK.
.... I got this idea for a solar powered heat exhaust/drag in cool air. Is just some ABS pipe. As the sun heats it, it creates a vacuum in the room. The only air available to replace it comes from insulated pipe that is run under ground but sucks in from open air inlet.
I love the way you think Dan, we think a lot a like, but I highlighted the flaw in your design in your quote.
I couldn't even make a tiny hall closet in the middle of the house air tight enough to create a vacuum, and even that is if I never opened the door.
Like you I have hundreds of ideas that look good on paper but just won't work in real life ;-}

The long shop wall with big sliding glass doors faces West with no shade at all, so from Noon on it gets beat with direct sun until ~6PM.
The shop is getting this installed up near the ceiling in the SE corner of the room.*|*LG
The outside part will ALWAYS be in the shade there, and it's remote controlled ;-}

Reconstruction starts this coming Monday. The contractor and I are on the same the page so I think that 10,000 BTU remote controlled window AC unit installed in the wall will keep me comfortable all summer.

What did I do to MY motorized bicycle today?

I installed a beverage holder before I started, and then beat the piss out of the bike for ~30 miles in about the most extreme heat conditions you can imagine.

Even though the back rack bag is actually an insulated cooler inside it does not put a beverage in easy reach at a stop light so I found a place to mount it and love it.

I learned some new things as well...

Extreme heat can and will cause problems.
Near as I can tell my new batch of 91 octane gas mixed with Amosoil Saber Pro Synthetic 100:1 mix oil at 75:1 mix still causes the gas in the carb to evaporate at low RPMs.

When I say I was riding hard I mean a mile or two @5500 RPM (35MPH with gears) then stop and go again in 110F temps for 20 miles.

Note I have a Black Skyhawk motor so that may be a factor, but spit shouldn't boil on the carb's float bowl when I stop.

When it cools off I'll pull the NGK BPR7HIX Iridium plug and see if I may be too lean but I don't think that is it. Then again, this is the most extreme I have taken anything I have build and it may very well be the cause.

Any thoughts?
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