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Originally Posted by biknut View Post
If it were me that had a new Harbor Freight Mill/Lathe, after I got good at using it, I would make everyone that posted on this thread their very own mill/lathe and give it to them. Aren't I great?
LOL, yea ya are. Not for this but hey. (snork)

Took me forever to find a quote/exchange by you yesterday in the bumper sticker thread. But just got some one upset by quoting them before asking. So meant to write you and forgot. (Was really funny) Deleted that it was by you. Guy I upset was really upset so airing on the side of caution.

When you said "Make one" here. I looked over my shoulder and thought, wow, wonder if I could! That would be purty dang awesome! (might have to start smaller!)

Originally Posted by camlifter View Post
is the taper of the mill head and the tail stock the same. (i hope so) if it is you can put collet holder in the tail and use end mills in it that way. when drilling with the lathe always first start the hole with a centering drill bit, then put in the size drill you want. if it's a large dia. hole drill it smaller first and step up the size untill your at the size you want.
It is! (same size) Was one of the questions I had but did not know how to word/ask.

Originally Posted by 42blue15 View Post
You're lucky that he was willing to cheat for you.
If the item is heavy (~150+ lbs) then normally (for residential deliveries) you must pay for lift gate service unless you have a forklift to get the item off. The freight company should phone you and ask about this, as well as give a delivery date/time estimate.

Even if the item isn't heavy enough to require lift gate service to a residential address, the truck driver is not supposed to improvise, and he isn't required to lift a finger to help.

If you can't get it off, then just tell the driver to take it back to the freight depot, and you go the next day and pick it up from there. You use a pickup truck or a rental truck or trailer. The freight depot will have a forklift to get it onto your vehicle, and from then on it's your problem.

If you order a big amount of stuff, like thousands of dollars--sometimes the freight company will toss in lift gate service for free. But they still need to call and ask that, since most of their trucks won't have lift gates.

Even the little cheapo China machines don't use a drill chuck for milling.
Absolutely 42. Aside from that, really was pouring rain. He went to leave and I said; "No, no your taking a tip" He said no 3 times. I used some colorful words saying he was and went to go in the house to grab him a $20. I was locked out! and he sorta ran and hoped up in his truck and was off. Gonna write his company today (not mentioning any thing about how we got it off the truck)

Really is an exemplary Human.
worst apocalypse ever
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