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Default New and need help.

Hi Everyone,

I just started my bike the other night and got pretty far. Came up with my own prefab mounting kit. The question I have is .....How much pressure should be on the tire from the spindle? Currently I have a peice of 1/2" black iron (gas pipe) attached to the shaft/spindle. That is rock solid and holds. My rear tire is knobby and could be part of my problem. The more I crank down my setup it's almost impossible to pedal and still have some slipage. Now my friction drive is tiliting on angle due to having it cranked down so much. So, I added a side attachment to even out the spindle. I'm concerned I might burn something in the engine with this much downward pressure!
What could the problem be?
Knobby tires? Smooth spindle? Tire pressure? Is there a measureing guide on what the correct downward pressure should be?
Every video I've seen the spindle hardly looks like it's pushing down on the tire.

to note:
I was only able to crank over the engine once on the bike. Any suggestions would truly help.

Ryan (newbie)
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