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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Big 'ol truck pulled up today! .... He explains to me sending it out with a lift-truck gate would have been an extra charge and "thats how they get ya" We have no way to lower the 463 LBS to the ground. Its pouring. I am bummed, POed and say send it back. ....
You're lucky that he was willing to cheat for you.
If the item is heavy (~150+ lbs) then normally (for residential deliveries) you must pay for lift gate service unless you have a forklift to get the item off. The freight company should phone you and ask about this, as well as give a delivery date/time estimate.

Even if the item isn't heavy enough to require lift gate service to a residential address, the truck driver is not supposed to improvise, and he isn't required to lift a finger to help.

If you can't get it off, then just tell the driver to take it back to the freight depot, and you go the next day and pick it up from there. You use a pickup truck or a rental truck or trailer. The freight depot will have a forklift to get it onto your vehicle, and from then on it's your problem.

If you order a big amount of stuff, like thousands of dollars--sometimes the freight company will toss in lift gate service for free. But they still need to call and ask that, since most of their trucks won't have lift gates.

Originally Posted by Jim C View Post
You are going to need to be carefull if you try to hold an end mill or a fly cutter in a drill chuck you may get hurt. Does it have collets? ...
Even the little cheapo China machines don't use a drill chuck for milling.
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