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Default Re: Parts that should be replaced before installing the kit

Go ahead and place everything from the kit out on the table or floor, taking notes with a pad and pencil or pen (I perfer black ink- not blue- says "girlie"!)

Write down everything that came with the kit (engine, tank, carb, CDI, etc..) as you'll need to quickly replace those items with custom aftermarket parts (start googlin') and make sure you order at least two of those parts- at least two! Don't bother mounting the original kit onto your bike, those custom parts are what really matter.

After mounting your custom aftermarket engine kit, mixing the oil and gas and putting on your helmet- get ready- because now it's time to drive around and vibrate everything off!! Double nut it- lock whatever it- it will come off! You're Motorized bicycle wants to come apart, that's it first and best destiny. Before engine seizure, before bents wheels or sputtering carbs'. This Kit wants to get off your bike no matter what- watch and you'll see!
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