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Default Re: Parts that should be replaced before installing the kit

Originally Posted by BiMoPed View Post
Replace the junk Chinese spark plug. I have seen the porcelain crack on them
which could ruin your motor.

Replace the intake gasket, make your own and match it to the port.
I was actually going to ask why I should replace the spark plug, but then you edited your post. Thank you for explaining! That'll be another thing I will be looking into.

The gaskets that came with my kit were okay I guess, except the one that was for the exhaust degraded fairly quickly for whatever reason. So I went to Pep Boys and got a sheet of gasket material for a few bucks. The stuff is very thin, much thinner than the stock gaskets, but the stuff works wonders and just one sheet will go a long way, I'd think. The cereal box cardboard technique I've heard of people using is potentially dangerous and I don't know why people can't just go out and spend a few bucks on quality gasket material. It's even easier if you just lightly coat the area that you want to make a gasket for with graphite or ink and press the material against it and cut out the outline.

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