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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Today I think I fixed the clutch lever for my Skyhawk. The button that holds the clutch in place had come off while I was riding it earlier this week and that left me without a front brake. So I got on the net and looked up a new clutch lever.

After I ordered it I found out that it was from the dreaded boy go fast, but I figured that I might get lucky this time. It turns out that I did and did not at the same time.

When the package arrived from The City of Industry it turns out that this lever was the old style mountain bike lever and that its handle was two small for my handlebar. when I tried to open it up a bit with a screwdriver buy prying the clamp open it just broke into two pieces.

So what I did next was to take the button off the new handle and mount it on my old lever. lucky for me that button was of a better caliber of manufacture than the lever. The button was made of steel and there was a section I could put a die on so I could replace the pop rivet with a nut. I had to make the holes on the old lever match the new button. I did have to go to the store and get a die and some extra nuts of the size I needed. After threading the end of the button and Loctiting the nut in place, I think I now have a clutch that will keep working. (road it to the store and back and it seems to hold up so far) Its hard to believe that all of my work on this bike can be sabotaged by a cheep button.


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