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Default Re: will this work?

I don't see why it won't work. I suppose those rims are 36 spokes and I'd recommend a hub with a freewheel axle for the engine sprocket such as this:

bicycle Motorized BIKE GAS ENGINE - 36 T freewheel Axle | eBay

Reasons are:

1) The way the sprocket is bolted to the spokes on the rear wheel puts some added stress to them. It bent my spokes and even knocked the rim out of true causing a lot of irritating runout against the rear brakes.

2) There is a lot of drag from the chain and clutch mechanism which makes pedalling much harder. The freewheel takes care of that.

The stock method of starting those engines is to pedal to 5+ mph and pop the clutch. Unfortunately with the freewheel axle you wouldn't be able to start the engine that way so you'd have to get a pull starter add on like:

PULL START 49cc 60cc 66cc 80cc Engine Motorized Bike | eBay

And you'll also need wider pedal cranks that will clear the engine after the pull starter is installed such as this:

bicycle Motorized BIKE GAS ENGINE parts - wider crank | eBay or

KingsMotorBikes - Bicycle Engine Miscellaneous Parts Wide Pedal Crank Kit, 3-Piece Crank (Free Shipping)

but if you really want to ride in style you can forget the axle, crank, and pull starter and get a shift kit like this:

Sick Bike Parts

so you can use lower gears for hill climbing and higher gears for speed.
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