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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

Okay, I think I can update.

So first off I have wondered where that motorcycle motor sound is coming from at speeds of about 18 mph. I have to get used to the idea that the exhaust is now down and aft of the seat post.

Now I read what you friends wrote on the SBP's expansion and installing and my friend and I did our best to keep it as long as possible but on the Giant Boulder there are some limits.
I did not want to have the expansion up near my legs so that ruled out running up and back.
That left down and under. So, I'll bet it's close to the best it can be if not right there for me.

lets see obvious difference is low end and slow speed 8-16 mph. It's all good.
Now I am going to observe over the next few days how it runs but generally everything is to the plus two mph and I can take it up to 31 without shaking it to death and 28 is something I believe is going to replace my 26 mph as a long run highway speed.
My friend Dale did a great job.

I'd say the expansion unit is worth the effort but to weld is the better way and we welded. I even burned some wire after a couple years. I do it for a living when there is a job so I remember but it's odd to do it after so long.

Alright then.
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