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Oh Man! I am slowly piecing together what you guys are telling me. Is new language. I have to look up when you say a part or tool. But is coming together. Thanks for sharing with a newbie!!!!

It is not gonna be hard to make the bushing I need/want. Could have bought one/parts and cobbled it together but like a MB, could'a just bought a scooter. This is just way cooler! (even if it does take a month or 3 to pay off, snork)

A Buddy just stopped by. He used to be a part maker and is a hot-rod guy. But turns out we have a mutual friend who has a table that is for sale. Might get it for scrap price. He also mentioned some retired machinist friends he had he might bring by.

I really can see how to make the 1st 2 things I want to try. Really cool feeling.

Would have taken me months of trial and error trying to figure out some of this with out you guys.

Only way I can return the favor, if ya want to know how to steer large ships, lift massive weights with ease or tie knots, lemme know!
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