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Big 'ol truck pulled up today! Is pouring down rain. A little man jumps down grinning and says hello with a Spanish accent.

He explains to me sending it out with a lift-truck gate would have been an extra charge and "thats how they get ya" We have no way to lower the 463 LBS to the ground. Its pouring. I am bummed, POed and say send it back. He never stopped smiling. He looks at the ladder on the wall and says "we can do it" Expletive love this guy. *Can do attitude* and *always a way work ethic*. We roll the crate off the deck and down on to the ladder that is below and resting on the bumper/rail. Slide it to the ground like we worked together for yrs. Hand trucked it up the drive and into the garage.

Mostly due to the price, I really thought this was a big bench top machine. It is if ya have one huge bench.

Am rereading each and every post. Decided not to even plug this thing in b4 doing a whole lot more reading.

For some reason, only some phone cam pics can be sent. But will post better pics. Is a really great looking machine.

worst apocalypse ever
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