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Default Re: Last set of problems

I managed to get the sparkplug on. Seems loose/wobbly but it is on there. I took the U thing out, put the spark plug top in and clamped the U thing back on.

I will get the clutch on there correctly later on today.

Ok, so now I am trying to get the throttle cable on (goes on the top of the carb right?) how do I get it the tighten/stay in there cause as soon as a move the throttle on the handlebar it pulls the cable out.

Still dont know where to hook the kill switch up at. only thing I can think of is hooking the red/yellow wire to the white one coming from the motor and grounding the green wire.

After that stuff is done I will be able to test her out and hope the wheels dont go flying off or I get electrocuted or something...
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