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Default Re: Poorboy chain breaker

I'm puting the chain back together and using the ball peen hammer to put the pins in place. Notice one pin is still out a little to far and the pin I'm pointing to is drove in a little to far.

now I'm putting the link plate on and using a socket to tap the link plate over the pins. If you can use a small piece of tubing and not your socket. I'm lazy that is why I'm using the socket but I'm not hitting the socket hard enough to hurt it light taps is all it takes on the china made chain.

Now the chain is out of the holding tool or the vice grips are not being used here. Light taps with the ball peen hammer will get the pins where you want them. . Then I peen the pins very lightly on the angle iron tool but not with the pins over the holes. This is the poorboy way to work on your chain and you will not need to grind off the pins to do this. Using some yankee enginnering you can modify this to work just like a chain breaker by making a pin pushing tool to mount on the angle iron. But I'll leave that up to you unless you all want me to make one and show you all how to do it. The nice thing is if you make your own tools when it breaks you can repair it and you won't have to run to the store for a replacement. Thats it. Have fun let me know how this works for you.

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