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Default Re: Last set of problems

I went and checked - if you're using the stock clutch handle, then yes, you can get away with not using it as the stock one has a spring in the handle. If you aren't using the stock clutch handle, then you'll want to keep it. That's still not to say there isn't a purpose - it's spring loaded in 3 spots along the line, one internal of the block, one at the lever, and one at the handle.

Myself, I use a non stock locking cable, which isn't spring loaded. Without the return spring on the cable the clutch cable retains a lot of slack.

I don't see what's so tough about setting the clutch cable though - it's easy. Screw the fine tune on the handle all the way down, set your cable tension at the clutch lever, and then just use the fine tune on the handle to bring in the slack by unscrewing it.

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