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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Kool and thanks again. Always a way.
Kinda panicking. Lots of money, dang thing is 2ce as big as I thought and was worried it would not do the one thing I bought it for. Just buyer's remorse I guess.

Really am grateful for you guys, thanks !!!
Don't panic, Dan. Sure it's a lot of money, but I have faith that you'll find a way to make it work for you. Get to know your machine well, and soon you'll have us coming to you for this or that and waving bills at you.

Remember: when Burt Munroe was dressing the lobes on his camshaft, all he used was a hand file and the micrometer he had was made from a motorcycle spoke. And look what he was able to do to a 1920 Indian Scout. You'll have a real milling machine with (what looked like) micrometer settings. There won't be much at all you couldn't make. Heck, a couple days alone with that thing, I'll grind out stuff you've never even heard of. They're great! You'll love it. You'll use it lots!

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