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Default Re: Custom Frame For Thumper Motor

CCC, it was great to meet you at Willow Springs. Your bike looks and runs fantastic! You have a lot of aluminum braces and brackets on your bike that look great. You're an awesome fabricator.

I love the catch can you added. We had a little oil getting to our breather filter too. We probably need to add a catch can also.

You said you were using a 115 main jet at Willow. I'm curious if you ever had a chance to check your plug and determine how well that jet size was working. We had to use smaller main jets than usual in all three of our bikes due to the elevation at Willow.

It's great to know you can run the motor without the blower housing and cooling tins. Your flywheel doesn't even have fins for cooling. Cobrafreak also reports that he has not had any cooling issues running his 6.5hp motor without the blower housing and cooling tins. You guys are paving the way for the rest of us.
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