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Default Re: large framed recommendations ???

Originally Posted by azbill View Post
thanks kahuna
I had considered the onyx, but the triangle looked tight for a 4stroke,
your comments just re-inforced my thoughts

There is more than enough room in the Onyx frame for a 4-stroke. I went and looked at one several weeks ago and took my trusty 4-stroke fit cardboard and it fits with room to spare. The bike is Huge. You could very possibly fit one of the HF 6.5 HP Clone motors in the bike. The challenges come from the lack of good brakes, the 48 spoke wheels and the Diameter (almost 2 inches) of the S-bend Down Tube. As for the fit issues that Kahuna ran into, those exist with any bike no matter what size you are or the bike is. I still say its a good place to start, for the Tall Rider.

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