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Default Re: large framed recommendations ???

I'm roughly the same size (6'5" 240lbs) and have a Onyx Cruiser (in fact, that's my bike in the photo oscully posted). Here's my feedback on the bike: Initial impression was that here was a bike that finally fit a big guy, but after riding it I found that the geometry wasn't really intended for a big guy after all. The seat to handlebar length is a bit short and the seat felt like it was too far forward to the pedals. The seat post can be extended pretty high, but I'd like another inch or two to make it really comfortable. I plan on adding a layback post and might shorten the handlebars a bit to fix the fit issues. The gearing is really high, which makes pedaling from a stop a bit challenging sometimes. The hand brakes in the photo were added by me, pretty straight forward except the handlebar tube is 1" in diameter. I spent a couple weeks looking at different ways to motorize it and decided to go with a Staton friction drive. Took a bit of tweaking to get it to mount just right, but overall way easier than an in frame install. I've decided to go electric, so the friction drive is for sale. Overall, it's a good bike for the price but may need some tweaking to get it to fit a taller person properly.
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