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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

In reference to #2):
Putting any kind of rubber between the engine mounts and the frame tubing is asking for trouble. Yes, it will reduce the vibrations transferred to the frame by a little bit and may help with preventing the engine from slipping on the frame for a little while, but....and this is an important transferrs all the vibrations to the mounts and mount studs/ bolts. As the engine and it's mounts now shake and vibrate on the rubber it puts alot of additional stress on the hardware and will eventually lead to hardware failure.
Just do a search on "broken studs" to learn just how fun those are to deal with!

Ultimately an engine needs to be solidly mounted to the frame, and if there are any gaps in between the frame and mounts anywhere around the tubing, the mounts need to be filed or sanded to match up the curvature of them to the curvature of the frame tubing. A good tight fit means all the vibration is transferred to the frame which can handle it a heck of alot better than 4 teeny studs or bolts can. The mounts stay solid and secure, no shaking and vibrating to cause failure down the road.
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