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Default Re: Hi From Chicago. New and in need of help.

Originally Posted by ghosteh View Post
Hey Memo, I'm going down the same road as you, but took a slightly different route.

I picked up an older, ratty-looking Whizzer and will be tearing it up eventually to build a boardtracker replica. I'm going to spend a while learning about them, riding my bike, & seeing what upgrades I need (brakes, suspension, power, etc) before I start building. I can enjoy what I have while I learn & accumulate the parts I need.

Not sure if there are many MB'ers in the Chicago area, but we know there are two of us now. It would be nice to have a local group to share ideas with and help each others with builds.

Anyone else from the Chicago area interested?
HI ghosteh,
I didn't see many motorbikes around. there are tons of add in craigslist for already build ones, some for tons others for almost nothing.

I got the small engine 48cc because of the rules here in Chicago, I believe that the maximum not to have to register it is 50cc.

if there is any local help will be great. so let see how many will answer.
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