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Default Hi! New member from northeast Indiana ..

I've been a cyclist for 6 years or so, and was even able to ride 3,700 miles in 2009 (under my own power lol). I'm just learning about the new engine kits available, some are really slick!

Anyways, I picked up a used Specialized road bike a few years ago for commuting purposes, and am tossing the around the idea of throwing a kit on it, but no one seems to put these on road bikes. WHY ??? I've searched, but am not landing on relevant threads.

Also, I would want a bike that would still be convenient to pedal for power. Is this reasonable? Do I have to hold a clutch pedal in all the time to do this? I'm also concerned about weight, as the Specialized only weighs around 15 lbs now.

Kit would probably be one of the 2 stroke, 2 hp, <50 cc jobs for legal reasons, with a desired 30 mph +/- max speed.


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