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Default Re: New member, new build.

Update. I have been commuting for a week now, and I guess I am past the break in period. The "little mule (Pepe)" has proven to be reliable transportation.
I keep it down to to 25 or so both for revs and safety, though I bought a good sturdy coaster to mount it on.
No holes into frame, but bought the u-clamp as suggested.
The CNS carb was garbage. I bought the NT carb and can now accelerate UP hills.
I was throwing the drive chain, so I moved the idler to the pedal side, took out a link, and haven't thrown a chain since. It is safer too.
I will post pictures and tips for anyone who wants to build on a Schwinn Windwood over the 4th of July weekend. When I am not riding for fun.

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