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Default Last set of problems

Well I am back (haven't posted since the last time I had problems). Anyway, I was motorizing a schwinn delmar cruiser (switched to a micargi touch). I ended up scrapping the project because 1)Didn't have a U-Mount [youd think it would be included] and 2)Weather had gotten really cold [didnt want to work on it in the snow/ice]

I have come a long way though. My only problems now are:

1)The CDI Ign. coil doesnt seem to fit the spark plug that came with the motor (Grubee Skyhawk)

2)I have no idea how to install the throttle cable (??? ~ The one attached to the handlebars/kill switch)

3)I dont think my clutch cable has enough tension, how do yall get that spring so tight?

4)Which cables go/attach where? the only cables I have hooked up are the black/blue ones from the cd ign to the motor.

I will try to have pics of the build later on if that helps.

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