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Default Re: Sears Free Spirit Bike Motor

Link to CBS News Clip can be viewed at

New ?Bike Bug? motor helps beat the pain at the pump | Houston

We are having a Bike Bug Rally (You are Invited) during the Schulenburg Festival August 4-6, 2001 and Awarding Bike Bug Brother of the Year to Revernd Johnny Moore.

The Motorized Bicycle Company of Houston, Texas has donated one of its Bike Bug (America’s Favorite Bicycle Engine) front wheel drive bicycle engine to Reverend Johnny Moore of Schulenberg, Texas and honored him as Bike Bug Brother of the Year 2011. The Bike Bug engine is mounted on a Worksman Industrial Tricycle (model ADB-3CB) with a 2’ X 6’ bicycle wheel trailer.

During the recent MS150 bicycle event (Houston to Austin 150 miles) – four Bike Bug equipped bicyclers learned about Rev. Moore constructing a church by collecting recyclable materials with a bicycle and wagon during their stop in Columbus, Texas. They learned Rev. Moore collected the materials and hauled them to his facility. At the Church of the Heart construction site, the Preacher and parishioners sort and stack the various items into an immaculate arrangement of various items. The local good citizens of Schulenberg shop at Rev. Moore’s outdoor facility and buy the various items. The proceeds are set to fund the church construction.

We will present the Award during the Grand Parade and the All Cowboy Rodeo,

More information on the Festival can be found at Schulenburg Festival - Wolters Park, Schulenburg, Texas

All Bike Buggers are invited to join us for a Great Time.

B&SITW (Brothers & Sisters In The Wind)


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