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Originally Posted by 42blue15 View Post
Welcome to the hobby! Leave your wallet at the door, and we'll get started.

The Chaski machinist forum has a section specifically for 3-in-1 machines-
The Home Machinist! - Index page

Also in case you didn't already know, many full-size accessories will not fit on benchtop machines. Littlemachineshop is one online seller that specializes in the smaller machines and parts and accessories for them- - tooling, parts, and accessories for bench top machinists

For general machine-tool supplies, I usually look around at Enco first- (site is down at the moment for me)
Shars is another place that sells a lot of China stuff- (Shars also sells some items even cheaper on eBay under the seller name discount_machine )

I have a mill and lathe, separate benchtop machines from Grizzly. Great fun but you can sink a lot of money into accessories, even if you stick to buying the cheapo China-made stuff. It's nothing to spend $100 for a handful of mill bits, taps, tool blanks or some odd measuring doohickey.
Cool! thanks for the links. (all the links posted as well!)

Really is exciting. Just learning the possibilities!

I have been slow responding to posts, please forgive me. Thread went faster then I can absorb, snork.
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