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Really enjoying all the input and thoughts. TY!

LOL Dave, I bought bits for this tool over a year ago. My local machine shop (one of a bunch) is really cool but the reducing bushing I need would cost, and I am guessing, a hundred bucks. They have always been great but in effect, it will pay for it self 7 or 8 parts made. So am thinking you should go for it and get one. Also, I hate waiting for parts. If it takes me 3 days to make, the local shop might get to my part next week. Then remind me they stoped working on a $30K part to knock mine out. Good guys and they need to pay for their shop and all, but am still an end consumer of their services. (LOL, sorry. that just annoys me. I still paid em, right?)

B4 all the posts on this thread I thought it was kinda dumb to spend that kinda cash. Now feel like "yehaa" lol

Thanks Guys!

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