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Default Re: North Dakota questions

Yeah, love it up there. The people are great! It's hard not to not be able to ride year-round tho lol

As for stores, you pretty much have to get everything online if you can't make it yourself. I never saw another motorized bicycle the whole time I lived up there, and there's no dedicated shops up there for them that I know of. It's up to you to represent and spread the word!

Many people here don't feel the boost bottles are worth it. I made my own for about $3 using parts from Lowe's. I saw a small increase in midrange power and bike was harder to start when cold. You'll get the most gains by using one along with a tuned expansion chamber exhaust. Again, nothing to get excited about, these motors are small and don't make a lot of power to begin with. Just enough to have some fun and save money on gas!
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