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Default Re: will my bike make it from dc to chicago

If you have the route all planned out post it. Maybe there are some guys along the way that could ride a ways with you. Another plus is if you have phone numbers of any members along the route. It could prove helpful. Try to keep your total weight as low as you can. It will make for less stress on the bike and motor. Keep your tools to a minimum because of weight, but be sure you have what you might need.

Can you take a different route, even if it would add many miles, to get around the most difficult hills? It could be worth it.

An idea I had on tools but haven't done is this. Lets say you need a 15mm and a 14mm wrench. You have both so that would be 2 wrenches. Cut both in half and weld a 15 and 14 together so you only need 1 wrench. That is just an example.

Extra gas. Get a small gas approved container. Remember, you still will get great mileage so you shouldn't need much to get to the next gas station. Water is heavy! But you will not want to run out. You might want to plan your trip before or after the peak temperature months.

Last but not least. If a man in his 60's can go from lower California to Alaska on his motorized bicycle you CAN do this ride!

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