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Default Re: New on here, from Central California.

Thanks Rustycase, yes I have 3 of those Fiero. But with the economy now I can't afford to play with them. So now I am going to play with the motorbicycle.
I have rode it about 10 miles so far. I discovered a small leak at the muffler gasket when I took off the muffler the cardboard like gasket was cracked. Tonight I made a gasket out of medium soft aluminum about 1/8" thick and put it together with gasket sealer. tomorrow I will test it out.

I got a flat front wheel last night. I picked up a thorn that went trough the tire and tube. The tires are made with a light thin material and the tubes are not good either. I got tuffy tire liners and soon I will get heavier duty tubes too. Then the tires may be OK for awhile. The spokes seem to be OK so far. I would like to attach the rear sprocket later with one of those brackets instead of the rag joint.

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