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Originally Posted by Crazy Grandma View Post
Went to work this morning and all is fine. Go to take off and get a loud noise and then leaking more fuel out of carb, She didn't even start and the chain is off. To me it also looks like the sprocket is tweeked. She has power. Could the back tire be off. I tried a bmx chain but too short. UGH!!!!! And the tensioner is really crap!
I feel the pain CG!

Is your carb level? Have you pushed the primer really hard a few times? I was warned to be a light finger on the primer or I would bend something in side.
I'm not advanced enough to aid in trouble shooting but I will try and pass on what I have been told.

On my side and how I know your pain I broke off the rear de-railer when the chain clunked in the effort to change ratios to climb a hill and I was 27 miles from home.
Took it in and had the Bike Shop pull the wheel, true it, install a new de-railer and adjust the brakes.
I'm considering adding back the calliper ( is that the right term? ) to the front fork after I had it removed and a disc brake put on the front. I just would like a little more stopping power.
The wheel bearings are "shiny" so said the bike mechanic so they are wearing but all is well @ > 420 miles..
After that 27 mile hard on the clutch run home and fix today my friend dale and I opened up the clutch to find the screw/bolt that holds the smaller gear on had come out some time ago and the gear was machining the end of that bolt to a smooth pin shape.

I need to order a new part now.

And.. I need to know if the clutch "pucks" were installed backwards as they were rubber side out.
After the long run Saturday with it diesel-ing twice at one point the compression seems a lot tighter. The clutch is hesitating to turn the motor. That is something akin to higher compression or bad rings.. I assume
I figured out that there is a lot less than great air flow in the V of this Giant Boulder bike so I must devise a spoiler system to direct air to the motor. I like distance runs. The Giant Boulder does a good job breaking a wake in the airflow but that dead space is bad for cooling the motor. I need a modification.

So CG take it one step at a time. Do the Zen thing, breath deep and enjoy the moment even if it's broke. That's my take..

And on it goes..
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