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Hey friends I have an update.

The new rear derailer is on and I had my man Matt pull the bearings and inspect, true the wheel, adjust the brakes and get me back on the road. Took an hour. Matt loves BMX and the motor bicycle is a strange fish to him but I trust his abilities when it comes to the bike maintenance.

So off to my Friend Dale's house and the unofficial garage most of us flock to.
I was hard on the clutch getting home Saturday night when the peddle power went out so I noticed the clutch wasn't grabbing and cranking the engine easy as before.

The compression seems tight and I know why the motor over heated now but more on that in a second.

So I ask my friend Dale to show me about the clutch and adjusting it and when we took the cover off a screw that holds the smaller gear on had come out and had machined the threads off the end of it. Da-yam that s***.
I knew about a rattle but I had no idea and pulling the clutch cover for inspection hadn't come up yet. Why why why don't they 1.) Use something besides a slotted screw and 2.) Lock tight the da-yam bolts? Obviously vibration is an issue and if it's truly important we used to safety wire the bolts in on equipment where people's lives are at risk. So I need parts again.

On that over heat. It's obvious the piston is tighter than ever so I welcome input on that. I am running 87 and 16 to one Lucas.

Now about that air flow. It's a serious issue. While it's good for the bike to break the air around the rider it's not so good when air is needed to cool the engine and the V is a dead air zone.
So I'm open to suggestions and I also have an idea using some ducting from Home Depot.
What is really true is the motor is not getting air enough for summer time. I have to do something. Something that works and looks fair.

Okay, on the clutch. Dale and I have a question. I will search and research but also I'll ask here.
There are two sides to the pads. One that seems to be abrasive and one that seems to be rubber like. Which side is to stick out?
Dale has installed them rubber in and mine came with rubber out.

On the modification front, the expansion chamber is on for this week. I have access to tools and a welder. There is a machine shop near by so any custom bending is handy!
So it's about which way it will go.
I like the idea of heading down and back over the to the side since I dislike to get burned.
I like the dual kick stand but if it works better routing the pipe down and under then I'll have to compromise with a rear kick stand.

So friends.. How about that tight piston? The bike definitely has a harder time using the clutch to start the motor now. Not a real hard time but it's a different experience after the 91.4 mile ride.
And again which way are the pads to go? I'm ordering a spare set so I'm prepared with parts.

Other then that I dig the bike and it's running well at this time.
Pictures to come after the SBP expansion chamber and maybe I'll have a solution to the dead air flow zone and a hot motor.

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