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Default Re: B&S on a Tandem

The above will not work. The engine is way to heavy.
I probably will use Dennbecr's idea shown in this video YouTube - ‪homemade moped, front wheel drive motorbike‬‏

I think I can make the platform and attachment to the fork with angle iron. I wish I gotten that welder when it was offer to me

The video does not show the other side but I am pretty sure a centrifugal clutch was mounted on the shaft and a go-cart wheel, shaft and pulley were connected to it via a belt.

We have some pretty big hills in Cincinnati so I will have to have more torque and less speed. The highway I want to ride on is too busy to go ride in the roadway. I would be happy to do 15 mph on the sidewalk with two people on the bike and pedaling

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