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Default Re: OP Roller...need some help!

I actually just left my dust cap off and did not enlarge the sprocket hole. I let it ride to the outside and clamped it down there because it actually provided more clearance leaving it out there. I have about 100 miles on my Roller now and I have never thrown a chain and I think I must have gotten it centered pretty well as it seems to operate pretty smooth. I just filled the hole where the dust cap was supposed to be with a large dose of white lithium grease. This does attract dirt to the outer layer of the grease, but I have it on so thick that as long as it is left dirt or dust will reach the bearings. However I may flush it out after another 100 miles with acetone and then put on some fresh grease. I am not saying the way I did mine is the best way, but I can say it has worked well for me thus far, but maybe tommorow I may be cussing up a storm!LOL
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