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Default Mill/Lathe

Toyed with where to post this. But I bought a tool to make motorized bicycle parts. So think this section is correct.

Woke at 6 AM sat. morn with thinking I was gonna build a FD using a Honda 50cc GXH. Was a sliding deal for engagement. Got a 20% off email from HF for a 99cc, 3.5 HP predator engine. ,,, so off I went. Same dimensions as a HF 79cc. hmmmmmmm!.
Ran over and bought one. $93 bucks out the door. So, found the parts to make my FD on line. Sitting here, looking up a "how2" I glance over and see I have a Comet CVT sitting in the box. She fit likes a glove! Mounting, not shaft!!!! So I look up bushing reducers. Can be done, but emmmm. Don't like how I would have to cobble it together. Would work, but,,, ehhhh.

So, I want to make a shaft increase-er (5/8 to 3/4) Is not enough room and need a 7/8s drive. But gonna try this first. Already have 2.
Again, let fly. I enjoy your thoughts and input.

Back to my point, Bought this; Multipurpose Milling / Drilling Machine

TALK TO ME ALL YOU Machinist GUYS!!!! It is the most expensive tool I have ever bought and I know what I need to do to make the bushing I need, am lost as how to do all the cool stuff I now can. Let fly!

God, I love motorized bicycle riding. So far I have learned complex math, welding and now working on machining parts. I can call or write Tom or any number of friends here and get a "well, this is what I did or do."

You guys and this just rocks! (I still say this beats golf, but I never played and this is cheaper, snork)
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